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"Idebenone is truly a unique advance in anti-aging technology, the only* antioxidant proven to have such extraordinary results on every measure of skin's youthful appearance"

Revolutionary Idebenone

Idebenone is an extraordinary antioxidant, first recognized in the medical field for its protective, restorative and corrective capabilities. Now in exclusive PREVAGE® treatments, it has been proven as the only* topical antioxidant that can act on all three levels of free radical assaults, working deep within the surface layers of the skin to restore skin's appearance. It helps prevent further damage and supports skin's natural repair mechanisms to help address past damage, and provides an effective and high level of antioxidant protection available.

The EPF® Rating

Not all antioxidants are alike, as they vary in potency and their ability to combat free radical stressors. EPF® or Environmental Protection Factor™ is the first ever protocol to rate the protective efficacy against oxidative stress of various topical antioxidants. Idebenone received an EPF® rating of 95 out of 100, higher than the other common antioxidants tested including alpha lipoic acid, kinetin, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

EPF Test Results

Prevage EFP Results

Source: Pharma Cosmetix Research L.L.C.

*When compared to alpha lipoic acid, kinetin, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10. EPF® and Environmental Protection Factor™ are certification marks and trademarks owned by Pharma Cosmetix Research, L.L.C.

PREVAGE® Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum is being recommended by dermatologists for its powerful antioxidant capabilities and proven benefits.
Here's what the experts and top researchers in the dermatological field are saying about PREVAGE® and its proven results in clinical tests:

Idebenone represents a revolutionary anti-aging substance, that reduces significantly the oxidative stress of skin
Dr. Sibylle Wichlas
FA für Dermatologie und Venerologie Woman & Health
Vienna, Austria

Idebenone is currently the most effective molecule for use in preventing and addressing the impact of oxidative stress on the skin.
Dr. David H McDaniel
Director, institute of Anti-Aging Research
Virginia Beach, VA