Eye Shadow Trio

Eye Shadow Trio

Create your own custom eye shadow palette with six long-lasting, color-rich shades, all in one compact. Bold. Natural. Smoky. One compact, infinite looks.

The customizable Little Black Compact is your go-to for endless makeup looks. Choose and combine interchangable eyeshadow trios from a selection of curated, complementary colors. Each set of the long-wear and crease-resistant formula features an enhance shade that can be used as a base, a define shade for contouring and a highlight shade to brighten and open eyes. Go from day to night in shades from flattering neutrals to bright blues, greens, pinks and purples in a variety of matte, shimmery and metallic finishes. The smooth, powder shadows can be applied wet or dry to achieve your desired level of color intensity. The formula is ophthalmologist tested and vitamin enriched.

Key Ingredients:

- Vitamin E: Conditions and nourishes lids with moisture.

- 4 Ingredient Complex: A blend of four silky, spherical ingredients that impart a bouncy, cream-like texture to easily glide across the lids on application. Further, their soft focus effects help to blur imperfections.

- Retinyl Palmitate: Creates a smoothing effect, blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on lids.

- Mica Based Pearls: Mineral pearls of mica and titanium dioxide help reflect light and diffuse sparkle to create a multidimensional effect on eyes.

Use wet or dry

Get the Look


1. Highlight: Starting from the inside applying all along the bottom lid until fading on the outside. Apply along the bottom lash line fading to the middle.

2. Enhance: Starting on the outside bottom lid just on the outside corner eye fading to where the eye color begins. Using remaining color on the applicator adding a little bit to crease outside fading in. Add enhance shade along the bottom lash line fading in a little bit past the middle.

3. Define: Use on the outside corner lash line fading in towards the eye. Add to the edge of lash line on the very corner of the bottom lash line.


1. Enhance: Apply all over the bottom lid from corner to corner moving up towards the crease fading out as you move closer to the brow. Apply all along the bottom lash line making a full application to define the eye.

2. Highlighter: Use the highlighter shade wet placing it on the inside corner all along the bottom lash line fading to the middle. Apply on the bottom inside corner stopping right before the eye color.

3. Define: Using the define shade all along the bottom lash line getting just a little fuller on the outside lash line. Add a little to the very edge of the top lash line.


1. Enhance: using the enhance shade starting on the outside crease working in making sure to blend up and in to create a soft fade as it gets close to the brow and the inside of the eye. Starting outside corner crease connecting to the bottom lash line making sure to adding a fuller application to create the halo effect.

2. Define: Using the define shade starting from the outside corner moving along the bottom line fading up towards the creases (can always apply more to make a more dramatic look). Applying to the bottom lash line.

3. Highlighter: Using the highlighter under the brow and above the brow fading out. Wet apply on the very inside corner both top and bottom.